Monroe Mills new partnership

Monroe Mills partnership
May 8, 2023

Monroe Mills Inc Announces New Business Partnership with Hye-In Industrial South Korea
Monroe Mills Inc, is proud to announce its new business partnership with Hye-In Industrial South Korea, a renowned company that has been leading the high-class plants construction in and outside of Korea since 1970. The company provides not only plant works but also specialized construction services for national and social infrastructure based on various experiences and state-of-the-art technology in the plant works, civil works, and mixed-use complex works sectors.
The partnership between Monroe Mills Inc and Hye-In Industrial South Korea will strengthen both companies’ positions in the industry and enable them to offer innovative solutions to their customers.  Hye-In have developed partnership projects in billions of Won over the years and we will now create new opportunities for both companies to expand their product offerings and reach new markets.
Hye-In Industrial South Korea has been recognized for its commitment to quality and excellence, obtaining ISO certification 9001-2008, Lloyds Register Quality assurance ISO 9002-1994, BS EN ISO 9002:1994, KS A 9002-1995. The company’s President, Kwang Chool Cha, is a respected leader in the industry and brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the partnership.
“We are thrilled to partner with Hye-In Industrial South Korea, a company that shares our values of innovation, quality, and excellence,” said Monroe Mills Inc CEOGrant Jenkins LL.B Dip LP. “Together, we will be able to leverage our respective strengths to drive growth and success for both of our companies, we would like to thank Mr Kim Min-Soo, President of Monroe Mills Asia for his work on this great partnership”