GKI sign partner contract for BIO Fuel project

GKI makes a courtesy call to the Stock Exchange of Mauritius
December 8, 2018
Great Honour to previously meet the King Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, attend the Durbar in Kumasi and be invited to the Manhyia Palace the seat of the Asantehene of Asanteman. Now we are ready for future Solar Power project investment in Kumasi at end of the year
June 5, 2019

BIOFUEL development Contract GKI

Mr Kim Min-Soo the Chairman of the GKI (Mauritius) signed a JV agreement to set up SPC Holdings Ltd with Sung engineers consortium to partner in Africa and bring together an alternative energy solution investment package for a full added value feedstock to bio fuel process using enhanced patented technology.

The USD $530 million investment Phase 1 & 2 project will enable over 1,000,000 MT of internationally certified “ALT100” bio fuel with a budgeted annual revenue of USD $1 billion by year 5

The partnership are in discussions with one African country at present to assist in creating the correct legal and incentivised businesses environment that will enable a successful implementation of the African ALT100 biofuel hub.

The Biofuel project will offer a great opportunity to incorporate the ambitious government policy goal of doubling farmers income, employment generation by creating part ownership co-op cassava farming partnerships with guaranteed feedstock prices on 200,000 acres of farmland, 3 starch processing plants , an ethanol plant and a ALT100 bio fuel blending plant .

ALT100 reduces carbon monoxide by 34.7%, 25% hydro carbon reduction, 25% nitrogen-oxide reduction, improves engine efficiency, improves fuel mileage, reduces toxic and hazardous substance, cleans engines as a detergent effect, certified as one of the best methods for environmental friendly fuel methods .

The ALT100 maybe be marketed through a major fuel marketing distributor as the major hub or by GKI on receipt of licence .

As part of the discussions with the government the ALT100 will not only provide an alternative to foreign fuel imports but will assist in the priorities of the government to implement an added value policy to find a solution to air pollution, maintaining affordable fuel prices, cleaner fuel options, energy self-sufficiency, forex savings and wealth creation .

The partnership also have a patent and tested standard certificates for an additional production facility for bio aviation fuel scheduled for phase 3.

A win win for everyone involved including the government, the partners and the consumer pocket with the ultimate value to the environment .”